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VALIANT environmental protection solar powered light towers provides light without noise, and without an external power supply. The energy-efficient LEDs on these trailer mounted portable solar led light towers are powered by batteries, which are charged automatically via adjustable solar panels.Our outdoor use ecnomic light tower is with latest LED technology in this industry. It is a must for local traffic management, roadwork safety, etc.


Solar powered light towers feature:

Telescoping Mast

LED Flood Lamps

Hot-galvanized Trailer

Heavy-duty tow bar

No noise or diesel smell


Environment friendly

Over-charge Protection & High efficienct Regulator

Wide-are Illuminating

Maintenance-free AGM batteries

VALIANT battery powered solar led light tower generator light up a large area without a noisy engine or an external power supply. High-efficiency stadium solar tower LED lights can be raised to 20 feet. Choose the appropriate combination of solar power and lights for the performance you require.The energy-efficient led lights on these trailer vehicle mounted mobile solar light towers are powered by sealed, maintenance-free batteries, which are charged automatically via the adjustable solar panels. Construction stadiucum mobile solar light tower generator is portable and easy to deploy, setup takes less than 5 minutes by one person.


The solar powered light towers provide the best experience for rural & hard-to-reach areas, emergency response, temporary security, military applications.

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