class="no-js"> The solar lighting towers VTS1200C-L - Solar Light Tower

The solar lighting towers provide light without noise, and without an external power supply. The energy-efficient LEDs on these light towers are powered by batteries, which are charged automatically via adjustable solar panels.

The solar lighting towers VTS1200C-L with 4*325W foldable solar panels can work continuously for 48 hours when once fully charged. VALIANT solar lighting towers utilize the best in LED lights, which last up to five times longer than conventional bulbs.Colloid battery in-stalled in,steady gravity center and 8 degree windproof ability. Optional 6 to 9 meters manual/electric/ hydraulic mast lifting system. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.


 Product Feature:

  1. 4*325W solar panels
  2. 4*200Ah/6*150Ah/ 8*150Ah gel batteries,DC24V/48V system
  3. 4*50W/4*100W/6*100W LED light
  4. Optional 6 to 9 meters manual/electric/ hydraulic mast
  5. Single axle solar light tower with Australia/ Europe/North America standard

This solar lighting towers are ideal for outdoor operations,road maintenance,emergency lighting etc.

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